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Divorce & Family Law

Are you going through a divorce or separation? Do you have child custody issues or want a pre-nuptial agreement drawn up?

Whatever your family law needs, Prestige Lawyers can provide you with the expert advice and assistance to ensure you and your family’s legal interests are protected.

We have been serving clients across Victoria. We have the knowledge and experience to help you, and we are committed to resolving matters efficiently and affordably.

Where possible, we attempt to settle disputes outside of court. Our lawyers are experienced negotiators who will always work for your best interests. When a dispute must go to court, you can be guaranteed dedicated, tough representation. Above all, we understand how difficult a family or relationship breakdown can be – we treat you with the empathy and respect you deserve.

Our lawyers are specialists in family law, including in:

  • Divorce and nullity proceedings
  • Pre-nuptial and separation agreements
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Property and financial settlements
  • Adoption
  • Paternity/parentage issues
  • Domestic and family violence and Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs)
  • Family mediation
  • Child support and enforcement of payments
  • Parenting plans for child custody and visitation
  • Guardianship of children
  • Same sex relationships
  • De facto relationships

Contact us to discuss your family matter you have with an experienced Prestige family lawyers.