Notary Service

Who is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is an official appointed by the state to serve as an impartial witness when important documents are signed. They are qualified lawyers with more than 5 years of experience as a solicitor in Victoria. Notaries are entrusted with witnessing, verifying and certifying documents, and their seal ensures the authenticity and legality of signatures, identities, and documents. Unlike Justices of the Peace, Notaries are authorised to handle documents pertaining to international transactions and use.

What Does a Notary Do?

Notaries oversee various critical functions including:

  • Certifying documents as true copies
  • Witnessing and notarising document signings
  • Verifying identities and signatures to prevent fraud.
  • Preparing Certificates of Good Standing for Australian companies.
  • Notarising intellectual property documents like patents and trademarks.
  • Ensure that a person signing a document does not suffer from legal incapacity (e.g. mental/physical illness)
  • Ensure that a person signing a document fully understands the nature and content of the documents they are signing.

Our Standard Notary Services

We offer a comprehensive service for both individuals and corporate entities with witnessing and certification of following documents for international use:

  • Personal documents (passports, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce orders)
  • Company documents (ASIC documents; company extracts, certificates of incorporation; Certificate of Good standing, patents, trademarks)
  • Powers of Attorney and Contracts
  • Statutory Declarations, Oaths and Affidavits
  • Academic documents (enrollment letters, university test amurs, academic transcripts, awards, certificates – degree/diploma/other qualifications)
  • Travel documents (letter of consent)
  • Documents for purchase/sale of real estate overseas
  • Other matters: feel free to discuss

How It Works

Step 1: Email your documents to us at with “Notary Services Inquiry” in the subject line.

Step 2: We will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Step 3: Visit our office with your original documents and 100 points photo identification. We’ll handle the rest, ensuring all requirements are met promptly and efficiently.

Our Fees

We charge a standard fee for our Notary services, as per the recommendations provided by the Society of Notaries of Victoria. The fee structure in general is as follows:

  • Witnessing a power of attorney and notarial certificate preparation: $220.00
  • Witnessing a statutory declaration/oath/affidavit and notarial certificate preparation: $198.00 (up to 5 pages)
  • Notarisation of identity documents and notarial certificate preparation: $198.00
  • Verification of academic documents: $220.00
  • Verification of signature without a certificate: $121.00

Our fees may be subjected to change post examination of your documents and additional services requested.

For a precise estimate, please email us your documents in advance to

We accept payment via cash, credit card, or EFT.